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  • Sandman Heizenberg

    Sandman Heizenberg

    This is the real deal! Many have tried, but only a chemist like ours can combine flavours (Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Menthol) to perfect a smooth well flavoured heizenberg. You won’t look back when you try this!

    Heizenberg flavoured e liquid is made using menthol and our unique blend of flavourings. The nicotine used is very high grade natural nicotine. We use approximately 60% vegetable glycerin (VG) and a 40 % Propylene glycol (PG) in Heizenberg by Sandman.

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  • Sandman Pinkmen

    Sandman Pinkmen

    Smooth, fresh and tasty Pinkmen with a difference. If you think the rest are good, try this! This e liquid is unique in the way it combines flavours and freshness all at the same time. Simply beautiful!

    Pinkmen flavoured e liquid is made using menthol and our unique blend of flavourings. The nicotine used is very high grade natural nicotine. We use approximately 60% vegetable glycerin (VG) and a 40 % Propylene glycol (PG) in Pinkmen by Sandman.

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  • traditional tobacco

    Liqua Traditional Tobacco

    Liqua Traditional Tobacco flavor is mild, tasty and a great all round tobacco flavor with excellent vapor production.

    a very Popular e liquid in our stores since we opened

  • american blend

    Liqua American Blend

    Liqua American Blend , e liquid with the American flavored tobacco taste , available in 5 Nicotine strengths

  • menthol

    Liqua Menthol

    This delicious menthol flavored e-liquid is quite simply refreshing and sure to satisfy even the most ardent Menthol lover! Made with Italian flavours sourced from the heart of Europe.

  • liqua berry mix

    Liqua Berry Mix

    Berry Mix – LiQua Elements 10ml Liquid , mixture of fresh Berries , one of our best selling berry flavored eliquid

  • apple

    Liqua Apple

    Liqua Apple 10ml Bottle of your favorite Fruit , an apple a day

  • blackcurrant

    Liqua Blackcurrant

    This Blackcurrant E-Liquid from Liqua has a sweet, ripe taste. Reminiscent of freshly picked blackcurrants, with it’s sweet and sour undertones. A delicious fruity vape in a bottle.

  • two mints

    Liqua Two Mints

    Two Mints wakes the unbounded power of cooling freshness. Strong flavour with a cooling sensation of peppermint perfectly complements the smooth fresh tones of spearmint. Two-Mints also has slightly sweet vanilla candy base, which delivers a unique taste experience.

  • blackberry

    Liqua Blackberry

    Liqua Blackberry , That Autumn taste of Blackberries brought to you in a vape , enjoy

  • strawberry

    Liqua Strawberry

    A distinctive natural flavor of freshly harvested strawberries and a gently lingering sweet aroma. Strawberry – LiQua Elements 10ml Liquid

  • vanilla

    Liqua Vanilla

    Experience the full, rich flavor of French vanilla, with soft creamy tones and a natural aroma.