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  • Vampire Vape Attraction


    Draw your eyes to Attraction, the dark fruit berry blend with a chilling menthol twist. Attraction is one beautiful e-liquid that features a sweet blend of red berries and dark fruits with a cooling menthol undertone.

    The mint hit awakens the vape, giving an overall invigorating and satisfying vape

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  • Vampire Vape Black Ice

    Black Ice

    Vampire Vape classic Black Jack blend has been flipped on its head with a chilling menthol blast. This hard-hitting flavour is bursting with flavour, giving both a tasty and refreshing vape.

    The aniseed and menthol blend offer a clean and crisp vape


    We only stock 6mg for the moment

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  • Vampire Vape Black Jack

    Black Jack

    Black Jack, from  Vampire Vape , an e-liquid that closely matches those tuck-shop treats. The sweet yet smooth flavour will have you reminiscing about your childhood days with every vape. The strong aniseed flavour  with a subtle liquorice undertone, just like the time-old Black Jack sweets.


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  • Vampire vape Dawn


    Awaken your senses with Dawn, the beautiful dark fruit blend with a cooling menthol kick.

    This is the perfect juice for those who love Heisenberg and an excellent option for those who are looking to change up their vape.


    At the moment we only stock 6mg


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  • Vampire Vape Pear Drops

    Pear drops

    Indulge in this retro flavour, featuring the lush tastes of the classic pink and yellow boiled sweets.

    It’s a solid flavour that encapsulates the pear and banana blend, giving a delicious vape with a beautiful aroma.


    we only stock 6mg for the moment

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  • Vampire Vape Pinkman


    Pinkman e-liquid is one of Vampire Vape’s bestselling liquids that many Vampire Vapers return to time and time again. The exotic blend of fruit flavours has accumulated many devoted vapers.

    While the alluring flavours are the main attraction, Pinkman is highly popular among cloud chasers as the liquid has been dubbed one of the best for vapour clouds. Although Pinkman is a cloud chaser’s dream product, it is still a harmonious e-liquid that can be enjoyed by all types of vapers.

    This 10ml bottle of e-liquid, exclusively produced by Vampire Vape and features a strong, intense fruity flavour that will have you questioning why we didn’t make it sooner and why you have taken so long to try it.

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  • Vamp Toes

    Vamp Toes

    Vamp Toes by Vampire Vape is a classic flavour to a beloved cordial juice. The berries and blackcurrant flavours come in strong, giving a sharp hit that evokes your taste buds.

    The perfectly balanced berries and blackcurrant mixture with the added bonus of a delightful smell and taste after each exhale. It’s a moreish juice so make sure you stock up

    We only stock 6mg at the Moment

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  • Vampire Vape Ice menthol

    Vampire Ice Menthol

    Introducing Vampire Vape e-liquid Ice Menthol the godfather of the cool flavour. It’s minty, it’s cool and it’s refreshing. This is one stimulating juice that will invigorate and revitalize your taste buds.

    We Only stock 6mg for the moment

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  • vampire vape attraction

    Vampire Vape Attraction

    Vampire vape Attraction , my personal go to vape ,  clean and crisp

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